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Advantages and Disadvantages of Behavioral Therapy

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Pediatric Behavioral Therapy: Advantages and Disadvantages Of Behavioral Therapy

Pediatric behavioral therapy is a form of treatment for mental health disorders in kids as young as three years old. Children learn through a series of structured sessions to change for good any self-destructive behaviors. Therapists determine the cause of the symptoms and how the patient reacts to those symptoms. Frequently, childrens' and adults' behavior worsens due to a problem with their thoughts. Behavioral Therapy sessions help to replace inaccurate thoughts and make the person mentally stronger. Pediatric behavioral therapy also includes a form of play therapy. The focus remains to teach children to reward positive thoughts and behaviors.


Kids, adolescents, and adults with the following range of disorders can benefit from seeing a behavioral therapist:

Panic disorders



Eating disorders





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Behavioral Therapy for Children

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for children and adults is one of the most effective treatments for mental disorders nowadays. It includes psychotherapy, medication, and methods to teach the person how to manage and discard negative thoughts.

Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy

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What children would benefit from behavioral therapy?

Children from age three can visit a behavioral therapist. Behavioral therapy has proven to help kids and adults manage symptoms like stress, anxiety, and any other related to mental health conditions. Additionally, children benefit in the long term as they can apply the techniques any time they need to cope with negative emotions.

Day-to-day benefits of behavioral therapy for children:

  • Proper sleep

  • Improved social life

  • Reduced distress

  • Better mood


The techniques and strategies applied during behavioral therapy can also help children with autism.

Therapists help children in an environment that makes them feel comfortable to express their feelings. They can use techniques like watching them play or draw to learn what bothers them. Also, behavioral therapists teach parents how to communicate more effectively with their children.

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Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

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Early Intervention


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Caregiver & Family


Advantages of Pediatric Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy can significantly improve a kid's life in the long term. Especially those kids with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety disorders, or depression. ADHD's most common symptoms are hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness. Therefore, children with ADHD struggle both in their academic and social life. Likewise, CBT teaches kids and adolescents to re-train their thoughts. A significant benefit as a perfect medication to combat these symptoms does not exist.

It is a practical skill to improve the way they feel when needed. Also, it helps them deal with everyday life stress. Pediatric behavioral therapy can treat anger control problems, general stress, and somatoform disorders in kids and adults.

Other advantages:

  • Positive results are often faster than with different talking therapies.

  • No side effects

  • Long-lasting self-awareness

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Disadvantages of Pediatric Behavioral Therapy

Pediatric CBT can treat ADHD, anxiety, or depression issues in children. However, sometimes it might not be the most effective alternative.


  • CBT needs both parties to cooperate to deliver results. Not all kids can describe their concerns as well as others.

  • As CBT needs several structured sessions with the kid or adolescent, it might not suit all socioeconomic backgrounds.

  • CBT does not address underlying issues for the kid's mental condition, such as problems with their parents or lack of social skills.

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