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What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?

Are you interested in the field of applied behavior analysis? Certification is a certain way to boost your credibility as an Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA). Certification is conducted by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BCAB), dedicated entirely to providing certification to boost credibility. Below is everything you need to know about applied behavior analysis certification.


ABA involves observing individuals in their element to conduct assessments, analyses, and evaluations of results. The applied behavior analyst then uses this data to come up with a treatment plan. In addition, the analyst utilizes this data to encourage positive actions and behaviors via several reinforcement techniques. However, an applied behavior analysis certification is often a requirement to qualify as an applied behaviour analyst.


Generally, individuals considering this certification need to possess a Master's degree in behavior analysis or an alternative field. Subsequently, the individuals need to complete the Verified Course Sequence or associated Applied Behavior Analysis coursework. There is also a requirement for practical experience.


1. Registered Behavior Technician. This certification is mainly attributed to individuals with a high school education level. In most cases, these individuals aspire to become paraprofessionals in behavior analysis. An RBT is supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

2. Board Certificate Assistant Behavior Analyst. Such an individual often holds a bachelor's degree but has not acquired a Master's Degree in Behavior Analysis. However, these analysts work under the supervision of a board-certified behavior analyst or a board-certified behavior analyst doctoral.

3. Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This expert holds a Master's Degree in applied behavior analysis and is primarily an independent practitioner.

4. Board-Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral. This is the highest level certification one can receive in the field of behavior analysis. The BCBA-D is awarded to individuals who have completed doctoral training in Applied Behavior Analysis.

You can complete the application process online via your initially opened BCAB account. However, you are required to email or mail all supplemental materials such as experience verification forms and transcripts to the certification board.

All applicants must pay a non-refundable certification fee of $245. Upon approval, you can then register to take the BCBA examination.

To successfully apply for this certification and sit for the exams, you need to meet either of these combination options:

· Ten years of postdoctoral experience, a doctoral degree, and supervised experience

· A Master's Degree, supervised experience, and should be a full-time faculty member in BA

· Complete acceptable graduate coursework, a master's degree, and supervised experience.

Once you complete either of these options, you can sit for the BCBA examinations. Then, once you achieve a passing score, you can apply officially to become an applied behavior analyst.

If you are eligible for this certification, you can apply to become a certified analyst and practice independently or under supervision. However, you must take and pass the associated exams to be fully certified. At Accel Therapies, we have a team of ABA-certified analysts specializing in ABA and different therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder, among other developmental disabilities.

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