Cost of a Caregiver

Two of the significant obstacles most family members face when finding a professional carer are the high cost of a caregiver and talking to their elderly about the need for such a service. Since most caregiver services are not covered by insurance, paying for them can stifle the family’s finances. Also, since most elders feel that they are being let go by their families if they are left to a carer, talking to them about it can be daunting.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), households with patients needing special care spend around $7,400 per year. This amount can even go higher from $12,000 to $12,700 if the designated carer lives an hour away from the patient’s home. Because of the skyrocketing cost, these families were forced to cut their expenses.

If you send your elderly to a nursing home, you can expect to pay $214 per day or $78,110 per year. If you put them on an assisted living program, you can expect to pay $3,477 per month or $41,724 per year. And if you hire a caregiver to visit your home, you can also expect to pay $21 per hour. If you commission them to offer support 40 hours per week, you could spend $840 in a week or $3,360 per month. In a year, your expenses can go as high as $40,320.

Then again, even if the cost is higher than commissioning a family member to take care of the patient, you can ensure that your patient receives expert care. On top of that, you can go on with your other obligations assured that your patient is in good and caring hands. The family member who used to be the patient’s carer can also continue his or her livelihood without feeling guilty about not taking care of the elderly or sick anymore. These are the things and benefits that you can never quantify.

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