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Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art has over four floors of fantastic exhibits from artists all over the nation. It is evident you will enjoy your time here if you are art buff. If not, it is fun either way and you would want to check out various exhibits from different eras. It would be ideal to reserve online so that you don't have to wait in line. When you do that, all you need to do is to scan your ticket sent to you and you will already be let in. One thing is for sure, there is something for everyone in this huge art gallery. As a matter of fact, you know you would really get into it when you learn from the staff members who are there. They would be more than happy to enlighten you regarding all the exhibits that you come across. It is evident some exhibits there need a little bit of explanation. There are just too many cultures covered here over time so you would want to fully charge your phone before going here so that you would be able to get a selfie for every painting or sculpture that you come across. It is no secret you are going to learn a lot with all the information that you get in this place about the artists and their exhibits.

Believe it or not, entrance to the Dallas Museum of Art is absolutely free. There are just a couple of exhibits there where you just need to pay extra in order to get in it. It would always feel great to get a little history lesson so you would know what happened when our ancestors used to roam the planet. Those who get a bit hungry from walking all over the place can check out the places to eat just across the street. Of course, you know that would want to schedule another visit to Dallas Museum of Art even a few moments after leaving the place. Don't be surprised if the gift shop items are nice and you will feel a bit more than obliged to do what you set out to do and that is to buy some souvenirs. Artists both known and not that known have exhibits put up here and you will get a little bit of background check from the staff in case you want to know more about some of them.

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