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Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is basically a zoo that has a total area of 106 acres (41 ha). This zoo is located specifically 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of downtown Dallas, in Marsalis Park, in the state of Texas. This wild animal park is one of the oldest and largest in the state of Texas.

Believe it or not, in this zoo there are more than 2,000 animals and 406 species in total. In addition, this animal park is being managed by the non-profit zoological society. Also, this zoo is a member of two zoo associations.


The Dallas Zoo was founded in 1888. Actually, this is a very old zoo, but it is very well organized, designed and improvements were made to modernize this animal park.

The first animals that this zoo had were two deer and two mountain lions. Actually, when this zoo was inaugurated, it had only four animals in total. Later, the animals were put into pens and put on display.

Years later, precisely in the 1890s, a large investment was approved to buy more animals for the zoo. Thanks to this, the zoo was expanded. However, when the commissioner named William H. Atwell took charge of the zoo, the total number of animals on exhibit increased.

Then, in 1955, the Dallas Zoological Society was founded. And, by the 1960s the zoo was already famous and profitable. During that decade the zoo had more than 195 species of animals.


Exhibitions and animals

This zoo is actually quite large, with many exhibits and animals. With 106 acres you can explore a unique and special "world" that offers you a fun experience thanks to the great variety of animals. In addition, at this zoo you can also enjoy various outdoor activities with your family or friends.

The most famous exhibits are the tiger habitat, it is not a secret that the tiger is an endangered species, so visiting this place is just great, you should also visit the chimpanzee forest, the "crocodile island", the forest aviary, and the penguin cove.


Awards and recognitions

In 2011, the Dallas Zoo received special recognition from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This achievement and recognition was due to the fact that this zoo was able to recreate an African-type landscape. This means that if you visit this zoo, you will be able to observe several species of animals that only exist in the African savannah.

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