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Primarily, Denton is the county seat of Denton County. And, moreover, Denton is specifically located in the state of Texas, United States of America. Thanks to the population census conducted in 2019, it was able to determine that this city has an estimated total population of 141,541. Moreover, a very important fact is that Denton is the 24th city that contains the most inhabitants in the state of Texas.


Short History

The formation of Denton is directly associated with Denton County. In the year 1800 the first inhabitants arrived to this city, and they were able to build houses. After the first settlement, in 1843 the Texas legislature made official and announced the formation of the city of Denton.

A big problem occurred in this city in the year 1860, specifically in the main square of Denton. A fire occurred in the downtown square that years later was referred to by many people as "Texas Trouble".


What Does This City Have to Offer?

This city has an excellent climate. In the summers the climate remains warm, but in winter the weather is cooler. But really, this city is characterized by having a humid subtropical climate.

Also, this city offers several unique and special events. Since 1928, this city has held fairs that promote the cowboy culture of Texas. Also, if you want to travel to this city, you should visit the place called "Denton Square", this place is a cultural and political center, the experience in this place is simply unique.

In addition, this city offers an excellent education. Denton has several very prestigious universities. The University of North Texas is basically a university that represents this city. It is important to mention that this university is the sixth largest in the entire state of Texas. More than 39,000 students are enrolled in this great university.

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