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Accel Therapies

We strive to provide your child with the best therapy to help them reach their full potential. We believe your child deserves the very best. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Determining Goals for a Child

We believe that therapy for Autism isn't one size fits all. When assessing a new child we like to focus on our observations, the child's needs, and the parent's goals when setting therapy goals for a child. Here are some other facts that make us stand out from other Autism programs. 

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Reliable and Helpful

When your child comes to Accel Therapies in Frisco TX, you can count on behavioral pediatric therapy that is reliable and helpful for your child every time. Part of that therapy being ultra-successful for your child is in regard to our collaboration with parents in determining goals for a child. We take a family-centered approach so that parents can have success in helping the child to reach his or her goals outside of the therapy sessions.

Empowerment for success

We believe that it is not enough to provide information to parents and the child during therapy sessions. We strive to make sure that the information that we provide here at Ace Therapies in Frisco TX is truly implementable. This will empower the parents and child to have success. We work hard to ensure the success of each child when it comes to the matter of determining goals for a child that will result in the kind of behavior that is positive and beneficial for the child in a wide array of scenarios.

Kids in Daycare
Image by Stephen Andrews
Boy Playing with Abacus

We Listen

In order to be successful in determining the goals for a child, we listen to the struggles of parents and children. We want to help them meet their expectations. We take their concerns very seriously. We believe that parents and children will find that the therapy that we provide will be a valuable resource that results in helping them to achieve their goals.

A Good and Solid Plan

We do not just talk about determining goals for a child. We actually put this into action. This is why it is highly relevant for us to develop a good and solid plan of action that is doable for the child. The plan of action must be broken down into attainable steps for the child without the child being overwhelmed or frustrated. Then when the child has seen that he or she is able to complete the goals, the child will be motivated to keep up with these goals and will also be ready to eventually take on new goals.

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