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Different Types of Caregivers

Caregivers are qualified to provide assistance to their patients and help them with daily chores. A caregiver provides more independence to their patients and gives their family peace of mind knowing that there is a professional improving the well-being of their relative. If you are considering to hire a caregiver then you should know all about the different types so you can make a good choice.


Family Caregiver

This type of caregiver is a member of your household or family who takes the responsibility to take care of your dependent loved one and help them with daily tasks. They help with non-medical care voluntary and without receiving a pay. They feel advocate to their patients. The fact that they don't have medical license can be harmful for their relatives. They also have an enormous strain on themselves due to the lack of income and the need to provide complex caring tasks without having any training.

Agency Caregiver

As it name indicates this type of caregiver works for an agency, they can be a certified nursing assistant and be qualified to perform both medical and non-medical care. They follow state regulations and if you experience any problem with your current caregiver the agency will replace it.

Independent Caregivers

This is a professional who provides care for dependent adults or children but doesn't work with a company or agency. They usually charge less money than agency caregivers when you decide to hire one you need to take charge of the screening process, checking references, and liability insurance in care anything happens.


Home Health Caregiver

This type of caregiver is covered by insurance healthcare. They offer nursing and physical therapy. They usually visit their patients two or three times a week and only provide medical care, they are not allow to perform housekeeping or transportation tasks.

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