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Dimensions of ABA

Children and adults with Autism, ADD, GDD, and other known psychological issues are having difficulties with certain matters. They mostly struggle dealing with their emotions and behaviors that truly affects their daily living.

One of the psychological approaches therapists use to help mentally challenged individuals is the ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis. It focuses on providing unique behavioral activities to improve each individuals’ issues with regards to their behavior. The activities and training used in ABA are centered on helping individuals take more control of their behaviors.


How it Works and How it Helps?


Applied Behavior Analysis is handled by a therapist that has a wide understanding of how human behavior works. The first step of ABA is through evaluation. The therapist examines the behavior of your family member who needs psychological help and evaluates their behavior. Once evaluated, the professional creates a treatment plan based on the result of the evaluation. The treatment plan usually involves training and activities to help your child or other members of your family perform more positive behavior than negative ones.


The modified program does not only focus on increasing appropriate behaviors of the individuals but also other skills needed for everyday living. ABA develops language, communication, and social skills. It also targets to improve the individual’s attention span and focus. Although these are the common dimensions of aba, the strategies and programs vary on every child and individual. Therefore, through consistent monitoring, the professionals will be able to modify the program depending on the development of the individual throughout the session.


Accel Therapies


ABA is a vital program for most individuals with ASD and other psychological disorders. So, finding a trusted and competent company that offers therapy services, including ABA is essential.

Accel Therapies is one of the passionate organizations across California, Idaho, and Texas. They specialize in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and other treatment programs. They provide services with the main goal of helping every individual meet their developmental goals and bring out the potential in them.

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