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EIS for Infants and Toddlers

In recent years, innovations in the psychological field have made it easier to detect and treat developmental disorders in children, such as autism. With the increase of the population, the condition has also become more evident, as data states that one in fifty-nine US residents have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It's a statistic of the States; what about the entire world?

Accel Therapies developed their version of ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, which aims to increase the quality of life and enhance the communication and cognition skills of children who have autism. This particular treatment is highly personalized, meaning no two kinds of therapy are the same. This early intervention service for infants and toddlers is indeed a breakthrough in the field of child psychology.


It is a developmental disorder that affects communication, behavior, and social skills. People with ASD have a hard time communicating and socializing with other people, thus making it hard for them to fit in a regular school and have friends. Since ASD is a lifelong condition, the only solution is for them to undergo therapy.


In the 1960s, ASD was treated with electroconvulsive therapy, drugs, and behavior modification processes such as punishments. It was highly violent, and many people with ASD died because of the stress the treatments brought on their bodies.

Only in the 1980s was it recognized as a separate condition from schizophrenia, and doctors began to invent new treatments and therapies which were less violent and stressful.


With Accel Therapies' ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), infants and toddlers are given a new lease on life and a chance to integrate earlier with the general society. Each treatment is personalized, based on behavioral data, and an eagle-eye focus on resolution.

They offer online screening for your child to see if they register on the spectrum. Once your child is diagnosed, they offer specialized and personalized therapies, which are tailor-fit for your child's needs. Not only do they offer treatment, but they also educate your family on how to deal with your child.

Additionally, they give you options on how your child will receive their therapy. It can be in your home, at the centre, or with other children in the community, allowing them a chance to interact with kids their age. It also allows them to build their social network early.

It's never too late to have your child diagnosed. Accel Therapies' ability to gather data based on your child's behavior is astoundingly accurate, which allows them to give your child the best treatment suited for them. Early intervention services for infants and toddlers are Accel Therapies' speciality.

Your child will have the best quality of life and better communication skills. Accel Therapies promotes accessibility to these, without cost or location, hindering them from giving the best possible therapies to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder all around the United States. Have your child diagnosed now via online screening, and give them their best life yet.

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