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Eligibility for Early

Early Intervention services are offered for young children who are preschool age and have global developmental delays. We provide Early Intervention Services to help childern get the support they need as early in life as possible.

What is Early Intervention?

It is the services that support children with disabilities or has developmental delays. Early intervention may take the form of; Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and many other forms of service that is determined by the specific requirements of the child and family. This type of support can significantly affect the child's ability to grow and learn, impacting future success.

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Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

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Early Intervention


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Eligibility For Early Intervention Services

A child's eligibility for early intervention services can be determined by an assessment of the child's abilities. This process is done with the parent's consent to test if a child has any developmental delays or disabilities. Children Eligible can often receive early intervention from birth due to a condition, surgery, or prematurity. While other children would become eligible for early intervention as they age, they may be developing more slowly than others or discovering that they have a disability. In these instances, visiting a pediatrician and getting an evaluation for early intervention services is recommended. Concerned parents may also directly contact local programs and have their child evaluated for free.

Our Approach To ABA Therapy

Our treatment programs are characterized by close, ongoing collaboration between a team of professionals and staff. All interventions are driven by the collection of empirical data that measures your child’s responses to treatment.


The data is evaluated by a qualified professional such as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that is assigned to supervise regularly to ensure our process is effective and your child is steadily progressing.

Building Blocks

Accel Therapies

Children who meet the Eligibility for early intervention services can use Accel Therapies to meet their developmental needs and goals. Accel Therapies specializes in ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis, which is effective in increasing a child's communication and learning while also curbing a child's inappropriate behavior. Accel Therapies offers an evidence-based approach with a focus on individual needs and care. Each child's case has a unique set of problems and solutions, so naturally, no therapy fits all situations. As such, the children enrolled in Accel Therapies would be given specialized programs specifically catered to their disability or developmental delay. These highly individualized programs would greatly benefit the children by maximizing the service to tackle their respective disabilities to reach their full development and potential.

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