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How Much Does Early Childhood Intervention Cost?

How Much Does Early Childhood Intervention Cost?

It is a vital support service that helps children with developmental problems and disorders. Early intervention helps children with disabilities reach their full potential and allows them to develop themselves for the future.



A child that is eligible for early childhood intervention can have access to certain services for free. The type and amount of service available for free largely depend on the state you are living in. however, it is important to take note that, even if you are unable to pay, you will not be denied early intervention as a service.



In any state, you can have access to a basic evaluation that determines if your child needs to have more extensive testing. Another free service is the comprehensive evaluation which determines if your child needs to be enrolled in an early intervention program, and ongoing assessments that determine if the process of early intervention should continue. The transitional services that assist your child transfer from intervention programs into preschool are also available for free. You can also ask your local service coordinator what other services are free and available in your home state.



Largely depending on the state, you will be charged for certain services. For example, the nursing and nutritional care of your child would require you to pay for their services. Other services like family training, counseling, and home visitations also require payment. If your child needs therapy, then you will have to bear the costs of enrolling your child into speech therapy or physical therapy sessions. You would also need to pay for assistive technology that could help your child. Some of the services offered can be paid for by your health insurance or can vary in cost based on how much you earn.

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