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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum is an amazing science and history museum that will impress you in every way possible. There are plenty of interactive exhibits for kids and adults. Thus, you will never find yourself a bit bored here. Believe it or not, there is an exhibit there where you can try to outrun a T-Rex. What an amazing experience that is so be sure to capture that on video as it is an experience you would not forget as long as you live. It is evident that you are going to stare in amazement at each exhibit at the Guinness world records section. Adults with kids could have them go to the human body exhibit in order to know more about our bodies. There is a huge possibility you will learn a lot more after that. When you have enough time on your hands, it would be advisable to take your time and check out all floors of the museum. You will certainly get each penny of your money's worth for the tickets when that happens. Some say two hours is enough to do it but four is actually the magic number when you get to familiarize yourself with all the stuff that is laid out for you to see.

The dinosaur exhibit at Perot Museum is one unforgettable experience. As a matter of fact, you won't realize how huge those creatures are until you get a close look at this exhibit. Those who have a little extra time on their hands may want to try the delicious food over at Perot cafe. The food may be a bit pricey but the dishes here will satisfy your taste buds in more ways than one. the engineering exhibit at the Perot Museum will definitely encourage kids to be a bit better when they grow up. Surely, they would be able to look forward to many things the moment they grow up. Don't forget to take some cute things from the souvenir shop as that would be things that will allow you to remember your visit to Perot museum. There is a nice combination for learning and playing with all the things put up there. It is possible you will come across things that need repair but you can rest assure they're onto that. You will include right away that they really spend a lot of time coming up with each exhibit there.

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