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Texas Autism Resources

Top Texas Autism Organizations & Online Resources

Because most insurance policies have little to no coverage and medical and non medical costs are high, it is challenging for the vast majority of parents to cover costs for resources, applications, therapies, and everything else in between that is beneficial to their autistic child.

One of the things that also give parents headaches is where to find Texas autism resources. Searching about different autism information in the ocean of the content on the web can be devastating. So, the question is, where do you turn to find the most relevant resources and information when there are thousands of different options?


Stay with us because we have created a list based on recommendations from leading Texas ASD organizations.


1. Texas Project FIRST

FIRST (which stands for Families, Information, Resources, Support, and Training) is a place where you can find a wealth of useful information on the topic of special education, written in a way that's very easy for parents to understand. Their articles are available in Spanish as well.

If your child receives a special education service and you have some questions related to the process, Texas Project FIRST is a good place to find all necessary answers because there is a list of age ranges on the home page where you can click and find relevant topics about the group.


2. Autism Navigator

Autism Navigator is another place with a unique collection of web based courses and tools with plenty of video footage that shows the best practices that rely on evidence, the importance of early detection and proactive intervention, autism diagnostic features, and current/new information on causes. Close-captioning is available in both English and Spanish.


3. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is an autism organization that has been one of the main sources of funding researches about the possible causes and treatments of ASD. Besides that, this organization also conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at the public, governments, and families.


4. TxP2P

Texas Parent to Parent provides a variety of valid resources, training, and education to parents, professionals, family members, and others who share an interest in helping children with autism to improve their lives.

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