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Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza

The Sixth Floor Museum depicts all about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. When you come to the place not expecting much, you will be blown by the large amount of information here. You certainly won't regret paying a visit here due to the number of newsreels here. When you look out the window, you will actually get the same view as the man who killed the president. It would send shivers down your spine when you go back in time and think what that person was thinking when he thought of doing that. There is no tour guide available so you are on your own to explore the place. There are people there if you want them to take pictures of you. They are certainly used to doing that due to the number of visitors that go there each and every single day of the week.

There are plenty of videos at the Sixth Floor Museum that will explain what exactly happened on that unfaithful day. Thus, you will learn a lot just by staying there for a couple of hours. You have to admit it is pretty rare for the president to be killed like that so it will not be long before your curiosity gets the best of you. Nothing to worry about, because this museum will educate you regarding all the things that happened during that day and the aftermath. it was certainly a day that changed the country forever. Whether you are a JFK history buff or not, this is definitely worth a stop if you are in Dallas. After all, the staff here would love to educate you even more regarding JFK. Even if it is already several decades since his death, people are still talking about it since it is an important part in history. If you have any questions about the artifacts, don't hesitate to ask them as they would be more than happy to entertain those inquiries.

For safety measures, Sixth Floor Museum requires online registration. It would be a splendid idea to do that way ahead of time so that you can get the schedule that you prefer. That is actually a great idea so that there won't be much people there when you visit the museum. It is amazing how they were able to turn a place where a violent act took place into a historical place.

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