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What is Caregiving

Caregiving is the action of providing care for dependent children or adults who have specific needs. People tend to confuse them with nurses but both have different purposes. A nurse is a licensed professional that can perform medical care such as tube feeding, IV therapy, and administering medication, they have licenses and certifications that allow them to perform their duties. On the other hand, a caregiver isn't qualified to perform medical care, their role is to assist with activities of daily living, this includes bathing, cooking meals, grocery shopping, and others. They determine the emotional, physical, and practical needs of their patients. They have great communication skills and advocate for their patients.


Common Tasks Of Caregivers

Emotional: They provide emotional support and companionship for dependent patients.


Physical: Feed them, dress them, bathe them, and assist them with physical needs.


Transportation: They drive their patients to appointments, perform their grocery shopping, paying the bills, and more.


Benefits of Hiring a Caregiver


Cost-effective: Hiring a caregiver is more affordable than placing your loved one in a facility. You can also choose to pay them fo specific hours when you know they need more help, and in certain cases, your insurance can even cover in-home care.


Patients Feel Better: Patients feel more independent and better when they have a caregiver than in comparison to when they are on a senior care facility. They can remain at home and keep their usual routines which makes them feel capable and emotionally better.


You will have peace of mind: If you have a loved one who has special needs and is a dependent person you will be have peace of mind knowing that there is a qualified person taking care of your loved one and providing them with support.

Whatever needs your loved ones have we are able to provide you with assisted caregiving.

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