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No two children are the same, and each child's situation has a unique set of difficulties and solutions, so there is no one therapy that can solve all problems. As such, Accel Therapies offers various Caregiver Service Programs that could meet any child's specific needs and specifications. Each case is handled differently, and each child is given a specialized program that is specifically catered to their disability or developmental delay. A highly individualized

Caregiver service would significantly benefit the children by capitalizing the time and effort given to solving their specific problems and tackling their respective developmental delay or disability in order to allow the children to reach their full potential. Accel Therapies is driven and highly motivated to ensure that the caregiver services, interventions, and therapy programs that they provide are excellent and are optimized for children that have developmental delays, disabilities, or autism spectrum disorder.



The Accel Team is a group of experienced professionals with 15 years of experience in working with children with special needs and their families. Our caregiver service is filled with individuals that are gifted and passionate about handling children. Each case is guaranteed to be handled with the utmost care and dedication, with every individual caretaker giving their all to giving your children the best service in order to achieve the most effective therapeutic services.

Additionally, caregivers for the Accel team would have to undergo an arduous hiring process that screens applicants and ensures that only individuals that are caring, passionate, and highly trained are hired. This high standard for choosing caregivers would ensure that your children are well taken care of.



Accel Therapy's Caregiver Service makes use of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA; it is a type of behaviour analysis that encompasses detecting a child's inappropriate conduct, then develops the child's conduct in a helpful and positive manner through the use of empirical approaches. ABA can modify the behaviour and tendencies of a child that has developmental delays and disabilities.

ABA Therapy is usually done in the child's home environment so as to properly observe their behaviour in order to craft an individualized program that would meet your child's specific needs. Through the use of positive support and other scientific methods, the ABA program could greatly help children with Autism, disabilities, and other forms of developmental delay.



There are a large number of studies on ABA and its effects on children. These studies have shown the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis on significantly assisting children with Autism by helping them learn and develop appropriate behaviour. This behavioral development could take the form of; better communication and social skills to improved intellectual capacity and ability; ABA can undoubtedly help children with developmental delays and disorders reach their full potential and live normal lives.

Using ABA can help the therapists and caregivers modify a child's personal, emotional, and social behaviour. Through this method, children with disorders can match the social and emotional skills of their peers.

Another benefit is that studies have shown children who go through ABA are more likely to remain in school, and they also show increased academic performance. Parents of children with disorders would soon notice positive changes to the behaviour of the children, in the form of better communication and less frustration.


It is a caretaker service that supports children with Autism or other developmental delays and disorders. Early intervention for children may take the form of;

* Physical Therapy – is for children that are injured or that have physical problems from a disability or illness. It decreases pain, improves motion and movement while helping the children prevent future injuries.
* Speech Therapy - This is a type of treatment for early Intervention that could help develop the child's communication skills. It is used to help a child that has difficulty communicating with both oral and written communication.
* Psychological Therapy – it is therapeutic discussions and other interactions between a professional therapist and a child with certain disorders. It could help the children resolve their difficulties by modifying their behaviour and making positive modifications to their lives.


One of the major benefits of early Intervention as a caregiver service is that it reduces the need for other programs like specialized instructional support when a child is in school. This type of caregiver service could also help your children with disorders reach their full potential and develop themselves to become self-sufficient in the future.

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