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What Is ABA Therapy?

Effective, evidence-based treatment for children with Autism and other needs

About Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 

Applied Behavior Analysis is, most simply, the science of behavior. At its core, behavior analysis involves observing an undesirable behavior, and working, through empirical methods, to change it in a positive manner.


The "applied" component refers to how behavior analysis is used to change behaviors for individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism, through proven methods and interventions.   


Because it is critical to observe the behaviors in the environments in which they are most commonly manifested, the vast majority of ABA Therapy is performed in the client's home.​​​

How Does It Work?

When starting ABA services in the home setting, the first phase is to assess for your child's skill level and present maladaptive behaviors. This includes your Board-Certified Behavior Analyst / Intervention Professional conducting interviews, reviewing medical history, and observing and interacting directly with your child in a naturalistic setting to gather baseline information. This information and data are used to create individual programming for your child based on his or her specific needs.

ABA "At a Glance"​


Applied Behavior Analysis


Behavior Analysis is a therapy discipline that utilizes the scientific method to help understand and improve behavior. Through positive reinforcement, and evidence-based techniques, our ABA Therapy program can benefit children with Autism and other related disorders.

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What Makes Us Different?

To us, you're not just another client; you're family. With our approach, you can have confidence that you're receiving hands-on, individualized attention from an experienced professional or staff.

Our Approach to ABA Therapy

Our treatment programs are characterized by close, ongoing collaboration between a team of professionals and staff. All interventions are driven by the collection of empirical data that measures your child’s responses to treatment.


The data is evaluated by a qualified professional such as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst that is assigned to supervise regularly to ensure our process is effective and your child is steadily progressing. ​​

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