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How ABA Therapy Works

A lot of people want to know how ABA therapy works. It is no secret it is going to be long and tedious process so this is not something you can take a bit lightly. The first thing that would be done would be to have a licensed therapist assess your child using FBA. During this method, the therapist will interact with the child in order to get a feel of the kid's communication skills. There is also the possibility that the therapist would go to the kid's school in order to assess the child's behavior there.


It will the therapists to analyze which treatment is best for the child as all children will get treated in a different manner. After that, the therapist will create a plan that will meet the end goal for the child.

The plan's goals would most likely include improving the kid's communication skills and prevent tantrums from occurring. There are many types of ABA including ESDM and EIBI and it is possible more than one would be implemented depending on the findings of the therapist.


When the therapist is not with the child, this person would teach you what to do with the kid in order to continue ABA therapy even if the therapist is not there. Also, the therapist will evaluate the progress of the kid every now and then in order to know if the kid's condition is improving or not. It is quite possible the end result would have more benefits than the original goal. for example, you were aiming for your kids to improve his communication skills at home. The child ends up doing that and ends up improving his or her communication skills in the process. Even if it was already good, the kid's communication skills improved even more.

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