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How ABA Programs Can Help


Accel Therapies offers Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA Therapy for children with disorders. It is a scientific behaviour therapy that aims to improve a child's development by focusing and targeting particular behaviors and skills, such as; communication, social skills, emotional skills, grooming, motor control, and more. It also aims to detect and correct a child's inappropriate conduct. ABA is proven to appropriately modify the behavior and tendencies of a child that has developmental disorders.


Accel Therapies offers an evidence-based approach to ABA focused on a child's care and needs. We understand that each child is a unique case and has a distinctive set of difficulties. As such, the children who joined Accel Therapies ABA would be given dedicated programs specifically catered to their disability or developmental disorder. These individualized ABA therapies would significantly benefit the children by ensuring that they get the time and medical attention they deserve to develop their full potential properly.



Studies on Applied Behavior Analysis and its effects on children have shown that ABA can greatly assist children with Autism and other developmental disorders by helping them develop appropriate behaviour and tendencies. ABA improves a child's communication and social skills.

In ABA, the therapists will evaluate a child's behaviour to develop a treatment program that would help improve their personal and social behaviour. Through this research-based method, children with developmental disorders can match their peers' emotional and social skills.

The constant monitoring and evaluation of children would also lead to adjustments and improvements in their specific ABA therapy to provide the best possible care. Another benefit is that studies have shown that children who go through ABA are more likely to remain in school, and an increase in their intellectual ability and capacity would greatly help them in academic pursuits. ABA can help children cope with some of the lifestyle problems that are part of specific disabilities.

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