How EIS Helps Those With Autism

Parents that diagnosed their children with autism spectrum disorder or ASD have a challenging time raising their child with autism. However, there are creative early intervention programs that focus on family training, speech therapy and nutrition services.

Raising a child with autism through early childhood intervention.

Normally, early interventions begin around preschool age, around two to three years old. Starting with your child's development early help them improve later in life. For example, wanting to encourage your child to express themselves in the classroom or needing a positive boost with making friends? Start off small and then apply comprehensive intervention that pushes critical thinking (at their pace) and creativity.

Using early childhood intervention with your child.

Accel Therapies focus on accelerating your child's potential to have a better life and learning experience in and out of school. Are you wondering how early childhood intervention helps those with autism? Don't fret, we understand your concern!

There are various locations with ABA professionals and staff ready to help through hands-on activities and teachings, elevating strong connection between you and your child. Our ABA professionals use applied behavior analysis to study your child and family's behavior, organizing appropriate interventions and improvements in communication.


Is this right for me?

Everything happens quickly, sometimes we don't take the time to discover innovative ways to solve our life problems. We're motivated to provide you with the appropriate and most effective choices while building a clear understanding about your child.

If you're wondering if early childhood intervention is right for you, consider these perks. Remember, EARLY INTERVENTION supports children _AND_ parents, so you won't feel feel left out during their development. Along with the support from our professionals, we offer tools and information that address unique problems you and/or your child may face as they grow.



While modern day science hasn't created an official tool or medicine to delay some signs of autism, we are inspired to make the best of any situation. We have a dedicated team that works perfectly with hundreds of families for over fifteen years in the field. Don't feel alone or afraid when you're giving your child the best life possible (while taking some stress off your shoulders of course).

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