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How To Pay for ABA Therapy

We offer services and treatments to help children with autism excel academically and socially. We are in this together. Give us a call to learn more about our program. 

We all know that children with special needs must be given appropriate and sufficient supervision. An example of this is the Applied Behavior Analysis, also known for its acronym "ABA." It is a method of therapy that aims to enhance and build on the child's communication, learning, and socializing ability through different teaching approaches.


There are various programs for autism that are made especially for special children. However, some of these programs and therapies are very costly, and not all parents cannot afford the service. Still, the cost of therapy must not hinder the growth and development of your child.


In this article, we will discuss the costs and breakdowns, different financial options, how to pay for ABA therapy, and how much ABA therapy costs in a year.

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What Goes Into The Cost of ABA Therapy?

There are different factors considered in ABA therapy. This part will list the breakdown and cost you must expect in an ABA therapy.



In ABA therapy, you need to hire a certified ABA therapist that will handle and perform the

therapy to your child. These therapists, or what we also call the BCBA or Board Certified Behavior Analyst,

are highly upskilled to execute the programs needed by your child. These ABA therapists usually schedule 2 to 3

tutorial sessions every week with an ABA child.


Duration of Therapy

One of the contributing factors observed in ABA therapy is the severity of your child's needs. Assessing

your child's situation before going on in therapy is highly recommended to know the duration of the program

that your child requires to undergo. The usual hours needed for ABA therapy are not more than 40 hours a

week. Still, the required hours will depend on your child's needs, and your child can complete it in three



Materials for Therapy

Of course, having in-depth tutoring lessons teaching materials are essential in ABA therapy. Through the

help of these materials, your child will find it engaging, and this will persuade them to participate actively. These materials can be flashcards, puzzles, building blocks, worksheets, board games, token charts, etc. These materials would help their mind to work and engage with one another.

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Financial Options for ABA Therapy

If you are wondering, various organizations and assistance will help you financially sustain your child's ABA therapy.

1. Government-funded ABA Therapy

There are acts, regulations, and programs in some countries that support children with special needs aged 3 to 18 years old with their needed therapies. This support includes the financial requirements, ABA therapy itself, medical supplies needed, and professional seeking.

2. School funded ABA therapy

This financial assistance option solely depends on your child's educational institution. They will need an assessment of your child's situation to qualify for this assessment. If permitted, the school will cover all the costs required for the therapy. They will also monitor the improvement of your child through an ABA curriculum.

3. Organizations for Autism

Different non-governmental organizations assist children with special needs. They may help you with financial matters, or they can also give you an affordable yet quality ABA therapy service for your child.

4. Scholarships

An ABA treatment can also be done in school. Therefore, scholarships are available to those ABA children qualified to the criteria of a school or an organization that offers this financial assistance.

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How much does ABA therapy cost per year?

The average rate of ABA therapy is 120 dollars per hour. Some children are fast-paced and can improve quickly. Still, the usual hours needed in ABA therapy would be 10 hours per week, resulting in 1,200 dollars. Therefore, you can expect to pay 46,000 dollars to 47,500 dollars per year. However, this will still depend on what type of service you would choose, either a home-based or a school-based treatment.

An ABA therapy and other programs for autism have helped many children with special conditions improve and boost their learning, socializing, communicating, and other skills.

It is important to assess first the needed treatment for the child before going on in any therapy. Remember that every child differs in behavior and can differ in the required treatment.

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